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I'm Nofar and this is my way across life - running, drawing, writing (and doing geeky stuff occasionally, but we don't talk about that :) ).

Running on the Promenade

The #cat woke me up at 5:20 AM this morning, so I laced up and went out for a run. The #TelAviv promenade (Tayelet) was practically deserted, with only a handful of runners, most of them ladies, and practically no bike riders. Yay! Biker riders in #TelAviv tend to show little or no regard to walkers or runners, which makes me not like them much.

It was only 24° outside, but with 80% humidity it was still a tough run. I’m still not back to my top game, and the running season is getting closer every day (starts in September), so I need to buckle down and lace up more. 

#Uniball Signo “fine” (which translates to a 0.7 nib- not fine at all), bought a while back at my university’s bookstore, and tested on super cheap paper. I wanted to see if this is a good “student pen”. I like its feel and build, but it’s too wet of a writer, with globs of ink plopping on the page every few letters. So it’s better than a Pilot G2 0.7, but I think that it’s a poor choice for a student’s pen, and a horrible choice for lefties. Pick the Uniball Signo RT, Signo RT1 or the Signo DX instead.
My mom’s cat, enjoying life



This is great! Thanks runner’s world for the smile.

I love that beer is at the top of what we actually eat.

This made me laugh out loud, especially the “stuff we can pronounce” part :)



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@Moleskine art album arrived today. It’s a tiny notebook, landscape spread, with cahier covers (which means thin cardboard covers). The pages are cream coloured, smooth, although not as smooth as Moleskine’s standard plain notebooks, and detachable. You can see the perforations in the photos above, and the last photo in the set will give you a good idea as to how tiny this notebook is (Pilot Falcon used for scale. Also check it out against a large Volant in the first photo). 

It’s billed as a sketch album: “Ideal for pencils, pastels, charcoal, fountain pens, markers”. The paper is 120gsm or 81lb. 

So how does this paper perform? Have I found the holy grail - a fountain pen friendly Moleskine?

Yes and no. As you can see, there is both show-through and bleed-through with this paper. The cat sketch was done with a Platinum 3776 with a music nib and Diamin Carnation. Surprisingly it was one of the best behaved fountain pen/ink combos in the group. No feathering, no spreading - just bleed-through and show through. I used a lot of ink in this sketch, so compared to the Caran D’ache Amazon leaves on the next page, the Platinum 3776 music nib behaved like a champ. 9/10

The teddy bear sketch was done with a Pilot Falcon with a soft fine nib and Sailor Sky High ink (managed to snag a bit while there was still some left). This is the second best behaved combo of the lot, but that didn’t surprise me much, as the Falcon SF nib is the finest of the fountain pens that I’ve tested. This gets an 8/10 because while the show through and bleed through were minimal, and there was no feathering or spreading, the ink pooled up kind of weirdly in the crosshatching areas. Not the kind of behaviour you get on a truly fountain pen friendly ink.

The Pilot Metropolitan medium nib was filled with Diamine Pansy (yes, I’m currently going through Diamine’s flowers box), and it was not great in terms of bleed through, show through, and in this case, spreading where I crosshatched and the ink pooled. This is good enough behaviour when writing, but not so great when sketching. I give it 6/10.

The worst of the bunch by far was the Platinum 3776 Sai fine with Caran D’ache Amazon. It was just awful. Caran D’ache Amazon has proven to be a difficult ink in the past, so it didn’t surprise me that it bled through the most, and that it looked funky on this paper. It looks as though someone dropped water droplets over my lines, causing the ink to fade in certain places and to spread in others. Fail. 3/10

The slip on thingy on the cover is trying to be useful, billing itself as a paper compass, but I don’t see myself ever using it. It is too large to fit in the back pocket without becoming a nuisance, so my guess is that not many will use it.

I don’t see this paper ever working well with markers. It works OK with fountain pens - depends on your pen and ink combo. There’s enough tooth this notebook to make a pencil feel comfortable, but not enough tooth (or space) for pastels. The paper is not large enough for charcoal. 

Bottom line: give it a try. The format is small enough to allow you to suff it into your back pocket and it has more sketching potential than a regular Moleskine.

#Fieldnotes at work. County Fair Wyoming and Pilot Hi Tec C Maica blue black. I use it as a mini project notebook.

BBC Proms preparations in progress ….


Just over 48 hours to go! 

After seeing #Takenoko on #Tabletop I decided to buy the game. I’ve played it around 10 times with my brother, the first two times with the normal rules, and all the other times with the modified rules that fix the only problem we’ve encountered with the game rules: panda cards are the easiest cards to complete. The variants we used were that you cannot complete two objective cards one after the other, and that every set of three different objectives complete give you an extra 3 points in the end. The game is gorgeous, lots of fun, really well made (the bamboo pieces are made from wood, the panda and gardener figurines are detailed and well painted, there is a little comic book that describes the rules, and the cards and tiles are beautifully illustrated). It takes 5 minutes to setup, and around 45 minutes to play, with great replayability, and really is a joy to play. 

Current fountain pens and inks in rotation, plus a close comparison of two purple inks - Diamine Pansy, from their lovely flower box- and the out of production Caran D’ache Storm. Storm is more reddish grey, pansy is deeper and more bluish. Storm, like most of the colours of the earth series displays amazing shading properties. Pansy doesn’t shade as much but does have a sheen. Diamine carnation is a super optimistic shade of pink, with great shading and outlining. Private Reserve DC Supershow green has lovely shading, but I’m not in love with the colour.