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Went to the gym with my brother. Had fun even though I managed to lose my training plan. But I’ve done it enough times by now to remember it by heart, which was pretty cool. I substituted my 20 minutes of treadmill running (which I hate) with 25 minutes on the stationary bike, because last night I managed to get a blister during the last 5 minutes of my run.

The girls in the showers were complaining because their early morning yoga class was cancelled due to some genius getting carried away in yesterday’s kickboxing class and totally smashing one of the mirrors in the upstairs studio.

The Boots blister plaster that I bought in London was a lifesaver - it took care of the pain and chafing in minutes, and I’m not hobbling along like a did after my last blister (which, incidentally, was after my previous 50 minute run. A pattern?)

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