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I'm Nofar and this is my way across life - running, drawing, writing (and doing geeky stuff occasionally, but we don't talk about that :) ).

This Week’s Training Plan

Sunday - Rest

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 30 min run

Wednesday - 30 min run (+late night at work)

Thursday - rest/gym/abs workout

Friday - 45 min run

Saturday - 60 min run

Things might move around a bit, but that’s the general plan.


Wednesday’s run was super hot and humid, as usual, but somehow what started as an easy 30 minutes run turned into a quest to break my 4K PR. Done: 29:01 minutes. Awesome! Particularly when you take the heat into account.

Went to the gym on Thursday.

  1. 20 minutes of stationary bike
  2. 3x15 full squats on a Bosu ball
  3. 2x super set - 10 seated leg curls and 10 lying leg curls
  4. 3x15 calf drops (first set regular, second set with middle pause, third set with 2 second hold on top)
  5. 2x10 back extensions
  6. 45 crunches (15 with legs at 90 degree angle, 15 with straight legs, 15 crisscross)
  7. 10 minutes on rowing machine
  8. 5 minutes of glorious stretching

My legs are unhappy now, but I have a 45 minute run today and I don’t plan on giving up on it without trying.

This Week’s Training Plan

A little late to post this but here’s the plan:
Sunday - 30min run
Wednesday - 30min run
Friday - 45 min run
Saturday - 60 min run

My Sunday run was super tough as it was 27 degrees Celsius with 50% humidity outside. I had to fight for breath for most of the run. I used to think that running in the rain was hardcore, but now I believe that running in 50% humidity is much more badass.
Blargh summer.

I tried to run on Sunday, as I missed my Saturday long run (ran into friends at the exhibition I went to see, and went out for a prolonged coffee with them).

After 1km I stopped. The pain in my right leg was scaring me, and it got worse once I started running uphill. Decided to let my leg rest until the race on Thursday.

I really want to race on Thursday. I love the feeling of a race, and I need the “flying” feeling of running again - I’ve had a frustrating week at work, and have to pull a double shift tomorrow. 

So I am hoping that my leg will heal up some by then. 

I miss running.

I ran 4k yesterday, and my right ankle hurt for the first 0.5km or so. 

Today I planned on running another 4k.

After 2k of of my right ankle aching I stopped running. I just felt that pushing it any further would make it snap. It literally felt like it couldn’t support my weight any longer, no matter how hard I tried to distract my mind from it.

No running until Friday - here’s hoping that a couple of days of rest will make the difference. 


This week’s training program

Monday - 4k

Tuesday - 4k

Thursday - gym or 5k

Friday - 5k or rest (depends on Thursday)

Saturday - 8k 

This will be the plan unless I find a 10k training program that will work for me. 

Next week —-> 5k race

Looking ahead

My legs are very very sore from the last few days of exercise, but they’ll get over it.

I’m 1kg away from my first weight goal - 62kg (also known as a normal BMI)

My second weight goal is 59kg (also known as a normal fat percentile - 31%)

My final weight goal is 56kg (also known as 26% fat percentile, giving me some wiggle room for the years ahead)

My starting weight was 87kg. It took me a year to get here. I’m not planning on giving up any time soon. 

I have yet to find a 10k training program that I like. I may have to cobble one together myself…


Just back from a 5k run.

My legs were sore from yesterday’s gym session.

It was hot outside.

I did not want to run. 

I did not want to run. 

I did not want to run. 

I did it anyway.

It didn’t hurt at all during the run. It did ache somewhat afterwards.

And I broke my 5k record (with a not amazingly fast 38’11”).

I have never been happier post-run in my life. Totally worth it.

Running and workout plan for this week

A little late posting this, but here it is:

Sunday - Rest

Monday - 4k (done, ran it a little to fast at first so I had a slight stitch in the last km, but finished the run anyway)

Tuesday - 4k

Wednesday - short abs workout at home 

Thursday - gym

Friday - 5k

Saturday - 60 minute run

Last Saturday I ran for a full 60 minutes for the first time in my life. And then I went to work that night (from 22:00-02:00). Really proud of myself for surviving the experience.Next week I’m going to try my hand at my first Fartlek training session.

I also signed up for another 5k, this time a Brooks night run that launches the White Night week in Tel Aviv. Next race after that will be my first 10k. 

Back to training

Awesome 4k run today in 33 minutes. Great weather, amazing full moon. Focused on my cadence and form, not on my speed and enjoyed myself. Even stopped to try and snap photos of the moon with my iPhone.

It feels great to run again.

I will have to stay late at work tomorrow and on Wednesday. I’ll try to run again tomorrow, but if not then I’ll run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and just take it easy on Thursday with just a 3k run, Friday another 4k and Saturday a 60 minutes run.